Shadow Selves

Upon graduation, I created this animation to serve as a reflection of my time in college. Thematically, I wanted to explore our own perceptions of ourselves, especially during transformative times in our lives, and how perceptions deviate from both expectations and reality. At the same time, I was fascinated by the relationship between physical materials (construction paper, cork, pins, etc.) and nostalgia, and how advancements in computer generated animation have relegated a lot of physical dolls and puppets to another era.

When animating, physical materials bring a sort of personality to the table–they’ll push back, they’re not as precise, they fall in certain ways that may differ from the original vision. Digital animation, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of those challenges: however, in its precision, it loses a little bit of heart and character. I used physical materials as well as a digital overlay to explore that relationship, and how it stands as a metaphor for what we imagine for ourselves.


  • Shot on a Canon DLSR
  • Dragonframe to capture and process stop motion
  • After EffectsPremiere for editing and sound
  • Illustrator for digital overlays
  • Cork board, push pins, construction paper,scissors for physical objects featured in the animation